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Made in BX

We create the brands that we would like to buy and that wouldn’t exist if we weren’t here


Iberica is the deepest essence of the food soul of Spain ever created.

Thick cut fried potato chips in the traditional style with typical Spanish flavors such as “Grilled CHorizo”, “Black Truffle” “Aged Cheese” “Ham”, along with new launchings such as “Honey & Mustard” and “Mediterranean Herbs”.

In 2023 developed our Sangria Iberica for lovers of the Spanish drink.

We have a presence in more than 27 countries, 12 annual trade fairs and contracts with major retailers worldwide. Find the taste of Spain in the best supermarket in each country.


Feel the essence of the tradition of our nuts, selected, elaborated, and packaged by expert artisans to offer a perfect culinary experience.
Enjoy the most exquisite varieties in the most elegant packaging. Marcona almonds, Shelled walnuts, Pistachios, Cashews, Gourmet mixes or Caramelized peanuts are some of our top sellers in Europe.
Combine our products with friends, family and wine to enhance the experience. Do you dare to enjoy?


The best Mango variety in the world, grown in the spectacular Mediterranean weather and combined with the attention to every detail and the care of our experts, make this fruit one of the tastiest and most exclusive.



WANNA FREAK is digital, natural, recyclable, transgressive and responsible.

Thin pan fried potato chip (`Kettle´), Original flavors and others that you would never have imagined; explosive, addictive and innovative.
Wanna Freak was born with the aim of creating potato chips that connect with a young audience through an innovative proposal: a quality product, a transgressive bag design and an exclusive and limited sale.

Try our Wasabi to remind you of Japan, our Hot Paprika to set your mouth on fire or our Cheese & Onion to unlock a new addiction. Potatoes will never be the same for you when you open a Wanna Freak bag.


We launch 1Power with the largest sport influencer in Spain by analyzing training needs and trends. To do this we introduce a range of innovative products and own development so that training is no longer a problem.
Find us in the best sport stores such as Decathlon, Sprinter or Sport Zone.
Start the change!


We can work with traditional potato chips, chocolate chips, nachos, tortilla chips, popcorn, chocolate popcorn, any nut (almond, walnuts, pistachios, cashews…), wine, frozen fruit, ice cream… We have a large network of contacts, worldwide experience and great relationships to build solid long term projects where we focus on the client launching a great brand in their market. We will work year by year in growth doing market analysis, product development, commercial work, investment in R&D and marketing. 
If you are thinking about any product, we can do it. Let’s get to work!