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We collaborate with large Spanish food companies to work on their export projects and commercialize their products under exclusivity

Cafés Baqué

One of the biggest coffee roasters in the world. Baqué controls all the processes from the harvesting of the green beans to the disposition of the product in retail, which makes it unique. They roast the coffee in Spain that they bring from different countries and different specialties, in this way they can ensure the same maturity, same quality, controlled lots, and pure product.

They cover a large part of the European market and work with all kind of varieties, weights and formats that adapt to the conventional and modern channels of consumption: retail, horeca, and online.

Kiss Fruit

KissFruit is the biggest exporter of frozen fruit in Spain. The best fruits and vegetables are born in our country, so the quality of the product is the highest.
The raw material is as important as the IQF freezing process, and the only way to know the quality and traceability of the product is by planting and knowing the whole process. At Kiss Fruit, the IQF products are free of additives and preservatives for a very simple reason: from the time they are harvested to the time they are deep-frozen, hardly any time passes.
Specialized in the horeca and retail channel, Kiss Fruit has several citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit in various formats (cut, slices, pieces, peel…) and in different weights that will be suitable for your channel.